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Reactions And Likes On Facebook:

Facebook users are having fun when interacting with one another. The monotony of having to type how you feel is now history. When someone has posted something on their timeline you can choose to show how you feel about it by choosing the relevant reaction. The ideograms used in electronic messages popularly known as emoji are the ones used to express the reactions of the fans. The ideograms that are commonly used are the angry face, the sad face, the surprised face, laughing face, the love sign and the like sign. The good thing about this reaction is that there is no button for disliking a post. That is a good thing for people who are after lowering your self-esteem by disliking your post.

Note 1: Send us your URL and time for live stream at

Note 1: Send us your URL and time for live stream at

Apart from using the Facebook live reactions as a way of expressing emotions, it can also be used as a way of voting. For example, one wants to know how popular a certain product or service the reactions will tell you all. The reactions can make a post to be viral compared to the use of likes and comments. Once there is a reaction to your post, Facebook will notify you. There are some posts that need a reaction rather than a like. For example, it will be rude for one to like a post about an accident, the sad icon will be more relevant.

There is a great way to make the fans to use the reactions in your post. For example, when showing a certain product, one can write a simple message on how the product is amazing. The fans will follow by clicking on the ‘wow ‘reaction to affirm on the statement.

Every social media has its rules and regulations in regard to using the provided features. These guidelines ensure there is an order of events on the platform. Here are some of the guidelines to follow when using the reactions.

  • The reactions are to be used as they are presented, it is a great offense for a user to customize a reaction.
  • It is against the rules for the user to use reactions that are not provided by Facebook. One is supposed to use the six reactions which cover a variety of emotions.
  • Under no circumstances should the reactions be animated.

The Facebook live reactions have given the marketers a reason to smile. They can now know how their clients feel about the product they are offering. This is another way of getting feedback from them which is easy to analyze because the only thing they will be checking is the love icons or the angry buttons used in the post. Every reaction matters as long it is genuine because at the end of the day what matters is the number of people who have got the information you shared.

Facebook live likes have been one of the earliest features that Facebook provided. Likes especially for marketers is an important aspect of their business. Many Facebook page owners actually compete to have many likes as this is a way of advertising their business. The content to be liked one has to post something that is likable. Some ways to increase likes on your post include:

  • Make the content to be easily available. For easy accessibility of the content, one can start by using a simple name for their page. Will be an added advantage if the marketer uses the brand name to name his or her page.
  • The relevance of the information provided will increase the chances for it to be liked. Make the post relevant by selecting a captivating title. The title should be precise and informative at the same time. Too many words on explaining the content will make it look like you are promoting the product.
  • It is important for one to know the target market. Once the product gets to the right people it is a guarantee that likes will start streaming in. the target market will command the language to be used as well as the tone to capture their attention.
  • The profile of the page will also influence the number of viewers as well as the likes. Bright colored pictures are more attractive especially when it involves products for children. The logo you choose to sell your brand has a great influence on how people will take in the is important for a marketer to take time to create an attractive profile.
  • Making a product known to the people you know makes it easy to get a number of likes easily. Invite the people from your contact list to like the page will encourage the new viewers to like the page.
  • Be consistent in posting the information. Giving the information dates is another way of making the work look organized as well as the viewer’s easy time to locate the earlier information. Keeping time in updating the information will make the viewer’s know that the marketer is reliable. A reliable business will attract more likes.

Apart from the above ways of increasing the Facebook live likes , it is important for one to take note of the fact that one should respond to the clients once they have liked or even given a comment on the product. a simple thank you to the likes and answering questions will motivate the target market to like the products because of the outstanding customer service.

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