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Must Know About Twitter (X):


Everyone must have heard about Twitter (X). It is actually a social media platform that was introduced to the world in the year 2006 by well -known people such as Biz Stone and Noah Glass. It gained a lot of popularity and over a short while, it was being used by millions of people. Surprisingly, by the year 2016, Twitter (X) was one of the leading causes of breaking news in the US. Usually, people just need to follow a few steps by creating an account and then from there they can post anything of their choice. Usually, anything you post on Twitter (X) can be viewed by everyone unless restricted to only certain followers.


The origin of Twitter (X) lies from days of ‘brainstorming` whereby people grew an idea to reality. It started with an idea of a university student whereby a person could use a short message service to send information to a group of people. The original coding was called Twitter (X). Work on the development became more intensive in the year 2006.Therefore, Twitter (X) started as a social network but over time it has grown more to an information source.

Interesting features

Twitter (X) has grown to where it is now because of its features which make life interesting. Usually, a person who already has an account has a number of followers while at the same time he or she follows a particular number of followers. Therefore, he or she is able to see is able to view various posts called tweets whenever he logs in. At the same time, Twitter (X) allows for a person to reply to the tweets and this is called a retweet. Therefore, whatever you post on Twitter (X) will be seen by people following you and they are termed as views whenever any person clicks on them whether they reply or not. The most interesting thing is that it has been used for posting various items such as videos, pictures, influential messages and therefore there is a need for people to get views. Some people also place advertising tweets and therefore, people struggle to get as most views as possible. Some celebrities also use it for social purposes and therefore want to show how famous they are through the number of views they get for their posts including videos, pictures and other information tweets. Therefore, this has contributed to many people want to buy Twitter (X) views.

Is it right to buy Twitter (X) views?

People always think about the strategies they are going to use to grow their Twitter (X) account in a tremendous way. This is because growing a Twitter (X) account and making sure that many people view and retweet your post requires a lot of time and patience. However, many people have their own intentions of opening a Twitter (X) account and are either looking for fast growing popularity and have a lot of social media fame. Others want some of their posts such as videos to go viral within a short period of time and therefore they feel the urge to buy Twitter (X) views. However, it is important to determine using a number of factors described below.

The pros of buying views

One of the advantages of buying views is that it helps in the psychology of social proof. Normally, what happens in this type of psychology, whenever you find many people engaging in a certain activity or doing something you always feel that you also want to take part in the process? That is how it works. Therefore, even on Twitter (X) there is a tendency for people to usually view or retweet what seems to be having more views and retweets too. Therefore, when people buy Twitter (X) views they are usually in a position to have even more views and retweets. For those who usually have few retweets to their posts, most often they tend to be ignored because people often don’t visit posts without or with few retweets. To keep the attention of the people you need to constantly grow. This effect can be related to a situation where you find yourself as the only fan of a certain team, then suddenly the team wins and almost everyone becomes a fan. That is the same way that occurs in Twitter (X) posts.

Whenever a person who has constantly ignored your posts finds out that your posts have a lot of views and retweets, they are likely to retweet to your posts. That is what normally happens and therefore buying views will help to boost your posts over a short time and your followers even those who had previously ignored your posts are likely to start viewing them and retweeting.It is called the power of psychology. Another advantage is that buying retweets helps a new account to grow at a very high rate. Usually, a new account is usually negatively affected by the fact that it has zero views, zero tweets and this word ‘zero` usually affects it such that no one gives a natural view. Therefore, buying new views helps to boost it.

The disadvantages of buying views

There are a number of cons to buying of views. When a person buys a Twitter (X) view he or she is not actually getting the actual view or retweet from people who can help such as purchasing their products or even promoting online marketing strategies. Another con is that it is easy for someone to find out and this usually affects the account and finally you don’t get any advantage from buying the views.

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