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Strategies To Get More Viewers With Your Facebook Live Streaming

It's not very long ago since Facebook came up with the video streaming service that allows you to broadcast live events from anywhere you are and at any given time of the day.

This service has enabled Facebook to forge bragging rights and become an integral part of the real estate which has changed everything about Facebook. Most importantly though, is the number of Facebook live stream viewers you can engage with using the video that you have posted on the Facebook broadcast.

Note: Send us your URL and time for live stream at

Note: Send us your URL and time for live stream at

There are a number of videos that get posted on Facebook Live, and they amount to billions of views every single day. Those Facebook live stream views have led to people taking a lot of time on live streaming than the time they take on other comments. Moreover, it’s now evident that so many users stream on Facebook in order to see how events are taking place in real time basis. However, it’s very important to learn a number of things concerning this Facebook Live streaming, in order to get more viewers:

1.Announcing when to go lives

The most important thing to consider, especially if you have a large following is to always reach out to your fans and tell them about the date when you will be going live. By so doing you will keep them looking forward to and yearning for the date of your broadcast.

This is also to ensure that you get more Facebook Live stream viewers in advance, waiting for the day when you will post the video on Facebook live in order for them to view it.

Tell them of your good content that you will want to share with them and the rest of the world and then set the date and also the time when you will want to go live. On top of that, provide some materials to promote your content. The materials should contain information that would enable your potential viewers to visualize and know what is in store.

2.Testing before launching

Before launching your broadcast video, it’s important to try it first on your own before posting it for viewers to see. In order to get many Facebook live stream views, you have to make sure that your video doesn't have any mistake. You need it to make it look perfect and exciting. What you need to do is to make the post to be visible by only you before you let it go public, by checking if the audio and video are fine.

3.Creating a good balance

It’s important to ensure that you balance the content you post alongside the video. Don’t just focus on the video itself, space it out with other media content. For example, you can post a video and then follow it up with a publication of great importance. This will ensure that so many people are going to view the video because of the publication.

4.Using very thorough and catchy descriptions

The materials to promote your video should have a very good description. This ensures that your followers will know what they expect to see in the live stream, and it will not be confusing to the new followers.

Your description should be thorough and luring so that many viewers can watch the video for a long time.

5.Introducing and re-introducing yourself

Having many fans who are following your page doesn’t mean that they know who you are, it’s good to always introduce yourself since you may find that there are many of your followers who may not be familiar with you. On top of that, your followers might be having friends who could be following you and they don’t know you, therefore it’s good to introduce yourself.

When you are doing any video streaming, you should give a brief introduction of yourself and then tell your viewers what they expect to see in the video.

6.Don’t worry about mistakes

It’s easier to rehearse as much as you would want but the point is not just being able to grasp every single detail of the video. When you are live very many things can happen, some which you didn’t expect like forgetting what you wanted to say. But all that should not prevent you from going live.

You don’t need to be disappointed if any of that happens, all you just need to do is learning how to adapt to such situations.

7.Encouraging everyone to like and share the video

The essence of any broadcast on Facebook is to get many viewers to view your video. Whenever you talk to your audience, tell them that once they like your video they should share it with others so as to increase the number of people viewing it. If your video is entertaining people will viewing it will likely share it with many more others.

8.Engaging with your viewers when you go live

To build a close relationship with your viewers, it’s good to interact with them when you are live. This can result in many comments which will dictate how you will look like when viewers will be looking at your videos. Just keep your viewers making comments and then responding to them and thus strengthening your engagement with fans.

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