What's New on Facebook in 2019?

Posted on : 12-Feb-2019


Let I want to introduce something about Facebook before starting new about Facebook to understand easily.

Do you know that how many people use Facebook in 2019 & what number of people increase in 2020?

Around 1.56 billion people have daily active users on Facebook & it will grow 1.69 in 2020. 2.32 monthly active users on Facebook & it will grow in 2020 around 3 billion.

Do you know why Facebook become the large market place to business growth?

Better business grows from targeted leads & Facebook is the most popular or crowded place. Only high crowed place to give you high visitors & business grow to depend on visitors too. So that many business or marketing professionals have a business page on Facebook & they receive such a targeted result.  

We are socials addict, we can forget to take lunch, dinner, etc. but we can't live without open socials platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, etc. Socials are an essential part of our daily lifestyle. So that most business or marketing professionals have a business page on Facebook but, this is not an end of the use of Facebook. Worldwide famous or non-famous celebrities have a fan page on Facebook too. Over 214.08 fan page available on Facebook in 2019 & it will rapidly grow in coming years.


So overall uses of Facebook can be very supportive to your needs of professional or celebrity image growth.

So move to know about what new on Facebook in 2019? Have ever feel that what reason work behind of new updations? Latest innovations give you higher opportunities or infinite experience. Every socials platform offer an innovative feature to give an excellent experience to users. Facebook always come at first to introduce their new features all the time.

Some New features of Facebook.


Facebook Ads Features

Augmented Reality Ads: ugmented Reality Ads give you the power to build a deeper connection with targeted users by helping them interact, visualize, different products or experiences within Facebook. 

Facebook Stories Ads: It will be the infinite experience to create a new image of a brand via the Stories Ads. Facebook stories are now very familiar & Ads will provide you numerous opportunities to raise reaches of your brand.

Playable Ads: Payable Ads means “try before to buy” Payable Ads for the game that able to give the excellent experience to users before installing.

Facebook Updates about Pages

Facebook Page Recommendations: You already notice that Facebook page reviews have been updates to Recommendations. Facebook page update aims to user’s better experience or understanding of what they can achieve based on previous customers experiences.

Redesigned Pages on Mobile: Business pages on Facebook they have been redesigned on mobile to make lightly navigate. Drive more actions or engagements etc. 

Updates of Facebook Measurement

Updates of Video Metrics: Recently Facebook updates their video ad metrics to help advertisers get a good handle on authentic video engagement, optimize video creative based on their actions.

Updates of Self-Serve: Updation of self-serve provide options to test or understand your Facebook Ad campaigns impact the perception of a brand. Self-serve make your brand more familiar with users.

Updation of Creative Tools

Video Creation Kit: you can create mobile-first video ads with your existing image assets, text overlays or logos. Video creation kit provides you templates to customize ads or able to use then you run on Facebook or Instagram. Now you have the great templates aligns to another goal, whether you promote your new products. 

Updates of Campaign Management

Value-Based Lookalike Audiences: Value-based lookalike audiences help to reach more audience who resemble your current high-value customers. You can use them to add an arbitrary, numeric value of every person to build Lookalike Audiences.

Having Facebook or fans page is a pleasant way to grow huge visitors or fan from worldwide users.

Here I give some ways to grow Facebook page visitors.


Put Your Facebook page URL in an email signature

Imagine each mail you send is the hugest chance to aware about your Facebook page that they quickly find. Sending an email with Facebook URL is an excellent way to promote your page among large people.

Use Hashtags

Use of hashtag is an unbreakable way to enhance visitors of your posts. The only use of the right or popular hashtags will increase your 30% visitors. Here are some top hashtags. #fashion #tbt #happy #followme #like4like #follow #me #friends #repost #smile #food  #style #tagsforlikes #amazing #amazing #travel #beauty. These hashtags only, for example, choose hashtags that relate with your post.

Ask other Socials Friends to Join your Page

Send message or invitation to your Facebook or other social users to follow or like your page or post. Having a large number of page followers will increase your posts comments, likes or shares.

Use Facebook page widget on your website or Blog

A blog is the best way to aware of your product or business to internet users. People prefer to read a blog to get knowledge from the web. People who don’t know about your Facebook page, they reach your page easily from your website or blog. 

Use your FB Page link in YouTube videos

YouTube count in the few most popular or crowded place. Billions of people are daily users of YouTube. Around 58 million channels on YouTube. YouTube videos best to increase followers on your page from the world.

Purchase Comments to your FB Page  

Many firms are available on Google or Amazon who provides followers, likes, comments or shares from the real users. You can buy followers, likes or comments to your page or posts. Here I want to clear one thing that I agree buying Facebook comments is the super finest or instant way to do more best to your page or post. But the selection of a reliable firm also must do unbreakable to your needs. So take some time on Google or Amazon to get untouchable success to your page or posts.


!! Note: You can pay with your Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card too with paypal even if you don't have a PayPal account !!

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