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In today’s society, social media seems to have taken up most of the time which people previously used to engage in several activities physically. It is not a surprise to wake up and find another new social media platform trending. It doesn't make it wrong by any means because it reveals the creativity of the fresh mind and the current generation which utilizes the advancing technology.

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Just as it is known for, social media allows one to interact with people all over the world without having to meet physically. You can share quite a number of things such as pictures and videos on those platforms; therefore, entertainment becomes an obvious thing. You can also access news as well as trending juicy gossip on social media.


Today, one of the popularly known and most used social media platforms is Instagram. What exactly is Instagram? It is a social networking application that allows users to share videos and photos to either their followers or to the public.

Although there are several terms used in this hot networking app, we will focus on impressions for now. Instagram impressions show how many times people view a person's posts. This is important because you can monitor your account by promoting brands if you have a large number of viewers; therefore, learning how to get Instagram impressions is critical for marketers.

For a couple of years now, most people have depended on this application to market products and their talents such as modeling. Learning how to increase Instagram impressions, therefore, boosts their chances of getting connected with potential job opportunities.

After conducting a very detailed research on how to get impressions on Instagram, below are some of the findings realized that can help make your dream come true.

1. Take Instagram as a search engine

This might catch you by surprise but trust me it is the key to getting more impressions. Just like Google, people use keywords while searching for information about things they like. The only thing that differs on Instagram is that people use a hashtag in place of the keyword. Placing a hashtag on your post and tagging favorite topics will increase impressions.

2. Focus on the top post section

Anytime you search a particular subject, a top post section above the results appears. Your objective should be to get your posts appear on the top post to ensure they get the highest number of likes and comments because that is the best way on how to get more instagram impressions.

3. Shoutout for shoutout

Shoutout out for shoutout is a pillar for those who want to get more impressions on Instagram. How do you go about this? Get a picture of the person you want to shout out and repost it in your profile. Then ask your followers to go and follow them. They will also reciprocate by asking people to follow you. You can shout out as many people as you wish so feel free to upgrade yourself. The cycle has no end so by the end of the day; it is your effort that matters.

4. Short-term paid shoutouts

Did you know you canbuy Instagram impressions? Yes you can. Niche accounts with millions of followers charge hourly for any shoutout request made to them since they allow you to purchase Instagram impressions.

5. Long-term paid promotions

You can buy realInstagram impressions by having a shoutout posted in another person’s account with your username. With this, people will keep following you as the account grows.

6. Reposting

Sometimes you run out of content since it is not every day you wake up with ideas on what you can post. However, there is always a way out. Reposting other peoples posts on your profile politely by ensuring you tag them in the particular post.

When your connection with those people grows, you could choose to shout them out and have them do the same thus increasing the impressions significantly.

7. Be active

Getting more impressions requires that you invest time and effort in your account by engaging your followers, liking posts, commenting on them, responding to comments, posting your photos, shouting out people just to mention a few things that can keep you active on your account. Only by being active regularly can make your profile to grow and feature in the top post.

8. Interact with the right people.

Although you have a chance to interact with whoever you feel like, it is good to be selective. Ensure you follow people who can add value to your account. Find out what they are interested in and if it blends well with what you adore, you can gladly hit the follow button.

9. Work with captions

Although pictures are much better than words, putting catchy captions on your posts will automatically work magic. After all, words never really disappoint. You have a limit of 2200 characters for the captions. It doesn’t have to be that long but be sure to make it all juicy.


The tips mentioned above are just a drop in the ocean since there are other ways you can try out to improve impressions. However, if you want to see positive progress in a short while, pick your strategy on the list, and you will be good to go.

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