Telegram App Store

Basic Packages


Duration:5 days

  • Simple App
  • Few simple functions
  • No support included
  • Server required
  • Specification required

Standard Packages


Duration:10 days

  • Advance Appe
  • External API
  • 3 month support
  • Server required
  • Specification required

Premium Packages


Duration:15 days

  • Complex app
  • External API
  • 6 month support
  • 6 month hosting
  • Admin functions
We will create your personal assistant in Telegram messenger which can do anything you want. He can teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.

Basic offer includes : Only Basic Abilities (Say hello, goodbye, what time is it, and any 2 phrases you want) and 1 custom commands or processes (for ex. everyday reminder about something)
we love to help people with their tasks so be sure that everything we will be doing will be at highest quality and in shortest time. Waiting for your message and order!
Good luck : to you and thanks for read this all!
IMPORTANT : Please Contact us first before making any order and explain in detail what you want us to do
Note: Dear user, please mail us at or chat with us on "Live Chat" option