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Everything You Need To Know About Linkedin:

You might have heard people talk positive things about linked in. However, maybe you don’t understand clearly what this means. This article will explain clearly and enlighten you on this matter. This is a service that helps a lot in employment and businesses. It is easy to access it because you just need to get online and browse the website or use an application which is compatible with your phone. It has been in use for a long time since it was launched in the year 2003.Its use has grown very rapidly and it is mainly used for creating professional and business connections. It was estimated that it has reached over 500 million users meaning it is a very effective service for creating connections. As a member, you are required to create a profile and invite people to your network. Therefore, whenever you post anything, your network will be able to see it together with the LinkedIn comments related to your posts.

Note 1: Dear user, Please mail us your custom comments, according to your order, at

Note 1: Dear user, Please mail us your custom comments, according to your order, at

How to start using LinkedIn

To start using LinkedIn is very simple as it requires you to just follow some few steps. You just need to have an application or even visit the website and sign up for an account. After putting in your sign up details then you are required to make a professional profile which every person in your network will be able to see. While creating your profile you must ensure that you make it look as professional as possible and at the same time ensure that you show how well connected you are. While creating it you are required to fill your current location, your current job or even company. You will also need to answer whether you are looking for a job, a student or whether you own any business. In so doing you will have completed making your profile successfully. After this, you will need to confirm your account via the email in order to start.

Adding your connections

This is the next step after successfully creating your account. You will look for professional figures that you already know and add them to your link. There are also other suggestions provided and you will need to add them if you wish to. This group will be very important to you because it is the one that forms the network you will be interacting with.

Profile continuation

You are required to ensure that you fill details related to your education-up to the highest level and also any history related to your previous job. After this, make a brief summary showing your professional achievement and all positive qualities that relate to you.

Make a profile photo

You have to ensure that the picture is very good and depicts all your professionalism. You should ensure that it doesn’t have some decorations which seem not to show or relate to your profession. Therefore, you should ensure that you show a lot of seriousness with your profile picture as this is what everyone who is searching for you will see first or even those who are in your connection. Remember, it is different from the social media and here you are not looking for funny LinkedIn comments. Therefore, you must portray as much seriousness as possible. This will help you to connect with many professionals and you might even get a better job. After this, ensure that you add your special skills or any specialty.

How businesses are utilizing it:


Many businesses have been using this platform for increasing and strengthening their network. Many professionals have accounts on LinkedIn and therefore it is simple to create a good network with professionals whom you can share ideas with or whom you can consult.

It helps in business development

Linked is the platform of choice if you wish to improve and build your business to the highest level. A growth in the number of customers is very key to the growth of your business. LinkedIn has been shown to be very important in helping many people to post about their service, skills and other positive qualities and this helps in attracting more customers who form a market to their products or services. After posting your skills you may find clients who might be looking for similar services and thus you will be able to connect with them.

It helps in advertising

LinkedIn has been shown to be very effective in that it helps businesses and professionals to advertise their services and skills. You can do this by using LinkedIn ads. These help a lot to reach the specific people you want. You can make the ad to reach people with specific attributes or companies you are interested in.

You can use it for recruiting

LinkedIn has been shown to be very effective in recruiting people to various careers. Through it, you can be able to target the specific skills you want for your job. In so doing, you are able to reach the people who are looking for a job.

The new way of displaying comments

Linked has changed the way custom LinkedIn comments used to appear and this has been shown to have positive effects. Currently, they are not displayed in order of posting but they follow some factors like who is the commenter or even the type of content. This has seen the LinkedIn adopt a new method of showing the comments which are better than the way custom LinkedIn comments were. This is because you can be able to have them in a personalized form.


With the above points, you should start creating an account if you don’t have one.

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