Terms of Service

You must read the terms of service before buying from socialforming.com. This document contains the TERMS AND SERVICES of socialforming.com. We may change the agreement from time to time. So, we request our users to check it after intervals. The current version of TOS is currently listed below.


We have the copyright of each and every part of the website. You cannot copy, alter, distribute and transmit anything from the website until and unless without the prior permission of socialforming.com.


We have copyright of our images from creativecommons.com and foreign copyright laws. If you steal anything we can sue you in court.


You are legally bound by our terms and conditions and you cannot jeopardize any content, images and must indemnify.


We have the trademark of images, products, services. There may be some content that would be trademark of their respective owners.


You can subtract, add or modify the content of the website strictly for educational and learning purposes. It must not be uploaded to any server. By doing that, you agree to refrain as a user. However, we do not comprise the security of the website in any case.


We respect the privacy of our users. All the testimonials on the website have been published by taking the permission of verified purchasers. We track the browser and IP of our user solely to make the modification in the website and to serve our users better.


There is no third party involvement. We are not affiliated with any social media website like pinterest, stumbleupon, facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, SoundCloud and Tumblr.


We only use secure transactions like PayPal, BitCoin and Payu. We do not and cannot store any personal account details of our customers. Meanwhile, we do not accept offline payment via check or direct bank transfer. All the transactions is done through the website and is 100% safe and secure.


We have the complete right to correct any inaccuracy in the website. We will correct any inaccuracy on the website as soon as gets noticed. We might update or remove some part, content and graphics from the website without giving any proper notice to our visitors.


IF IN ANY CASE YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED BY OUR SERVICES OR WE FAIL IT TO DELIVER AFTER THE TIME DURATION GIVEN BY US, WE WILL REFUND 100% OF THE MONEY WITHIN 4 HOURS. In case we have completed the order and you are still not satisfied, fill the contact us form and ask for refund. Your refund will be completed in any case within the duration of 12 hours.


You might get more followers, subscriber, views, hits, plays, downloads and described. Purchasing anything will boost the others if they are linked together. However, we do not promise but it is very much likely to happen.


For all the products being purchased have a full retention policy of 365 days excluding the date of purchase.

!! Note: You can pay with your Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card too with paypal even if you don't have a PayPal account !!

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