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Why Buy Instagram Video Views?

For those who are not aware yet of what video views are, well this new IG feature allows Instagram to count video views. This also gives the IG account owner an opportunity to have a better idea about how many IG users watch their clip.

Now, why do you have to consider buying IG video views? Well, unless you really do not care about the number of followers you have, you will find it beneficial. It is beneficial especially for individuals who are using their social media account to reach a wider range of audience or customers. Business can hit two birds with one stone. You get real views, which can be converted into your real followers. Just remember to always post interesting and good clips to keep the newly converted followers.

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How to Get More Instagram Video Views

Let’s get this straight to the point. There are various ways to increase Instagram views and will bring you to the top positions of popularity on Instagram. For individuals with extra bucks to spend can consider buying Instagram views but for those who do not have, here are the ways on how to get more Instagram video views without spending a penny:

  • The best way to get Instagram video views is to embed the Instagram video on a website that acquires high traffic. If you successfully made it to the front page of the Google Search or be in the top rank, you could possibly acquire thousands of views not just for a day but also for several months and even years to come.
  • Make the video attractive through pre-editing it on your computer. There are apps available that can help you transfer the pre-edited video to your tablet or phone or even publish it from your PC.
  • Include a call to action inside your video.
  • People love learning new things so making a training video or video that reveals a business production’s secrets can do the trick.
  • Consider using tags in the video’s comments so the individuals or accounts that were tagged will be aware of your video

However, those ways on how to get Instagram views give you no assurance of getting more video views. If people do not feel like watching the video, then you cannot push them to do so. Hence, the last and likely the most efficient, convenient way to increase Instagram views is to buy Instagram video views.

Purchasing Instagram Video views give IG account owners an opportunity to increase visibility on Instagram in no time with less effort. But you should keep in mind that when buying IG video views, choose the right and reliable provider. Your chosen provider should be knowledgeable about the IG’s terms and conditions and should offer services bounded by such rules. This is to ensure that no rule is violated. Violating IG rules and regulations can lead you to lose your account. Also, make sure that the provider sells views of real people and is legal and safe.

!! Note: You can pay with your Credit / Debit / Prepaid Card too with paypal even if you don't have a PayPal account !!

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