What do you need To Know about IGTV?

Posted on : 20-Nov-2019


IGTV is an Instagram feature that allows registering users to create a channel same as YouTube to upload 15 seconds to one-hour videos. IGTV videos are sufficient for many people who want to start a business or finding well-fulfilled opportunities to grow their brand or business awareness to large people.

Every people are now socials media addict infect you & me too. I can forget my consistent work, but I can’t forget to click the Instagram or Facebook icons. Business or brand marketing are lightly possible from Instagram to infect many celebrities also use, IGTV to make their image more reputed. The huge crowed place always helps to get high people attention & socials media platform are one of them where you get numberless people every time infect Instagram response in midnight too.

What is IGTV (Instagram TV)?

IGTV is an Instagram feature that allows registering users to create a channel same as YouTube to upload 15 seconds to one-hour videos. Simply IGTV is a YouTube for phone & enables users to observe videos without any distractions. IGTV users can watch full-screen videos as they want.

How to Create an IGTV Channel

Update your Instagram app to highlight the IGTV icon on the top right-hand corner. No need to do more or hard, log in to Instagram app then you can automatically access IGTV with your Instagram details. IGTV will automatically pull your Instagram bio information, including profile image or followers count. If you want to change something in your IGTV? Then edit your Instagram profile.

How to Upload a Video to IGTV


  • IGTV allows users to upload videos from mobile or desktop.
  • Access IGTV profile then tap the plus icon on the right to access your camera roll.
  • Access your IGTV profile
  • Tap the plus icon on the right to access your camera roll.
  • Select a video from your gallery or desktop but make sure that your video is vertical or 10 seconds long (shorter video will not show up).
  • Well-fill video title or description make you appear very lightly. If you want to share your video on Facebook, you can make your video visible on Facebook.
  • Click edit cover or upload a cover image from camera roll or select a short clip from your videos.
  • Your Instagram followers will get your IGTV video notification at the top of their Instagram feed. You can upload your same IGTV video on the Instagram story too.


IGTV Tips or Tricks you NEED to Know


Before using deep into the IGTV feature, you should know some essential things.

You can edit your IGTV video title or description from the desktop. You cannot change IGTV video title or description via your mobile, visit the Instagram website & click the ‘IGTV’ tab).

You can add URL with a description & it’s clickable but yes, make sure that the URL is useful or relevant.

Your IGTV channel will appear on your Instagram story highlights.

You can link your IGTV video with Instagram stories when you upload story than click the link icon.

You can use Instagram paid ad features to make your videos more visible among users & Google or Amazon give your more paid suggestions to improve your videos views or likes, comments as well for example you can buy IGTV comments to highlight the popularity of your videos.

Brands who are using IGTV


National Geographic

With 111m followers, National Geographic is using IGTV to promote their projects & and the life of many species across the globe. Become an IGTV user give you more & more response from Instagram or other social users same as National Geographic. National Geographic already have a successful image on the TV, to become a successful easy for National Geographic. But do you know that you can also get response same as few successful? Yes, it will become lightly from relevant hashtags. Engaging or relevant hashtags play an important key to unlocking the door of success.


Netflix also gets attractive benefits from the IGTV to announce their new episode 'Riverdale' star, Cole Sprouse in the video. The Netflix IGTV videos received 500, 00 views with lots of positive comments. Many brands are also using this app feature to promote their business or ideas.

IGTV for your business

IGTV gives you great experience to vertical videos on mobile so that this is a better way to enhance your video views or comments. The vertical video gives you a unique experience to watch the video without rotating your phone.

If you have a business, then you can upload videos about how people can connect with your business & what uniqueness of your business.

IGTV gives you an excellent opportunity for your business to create a personal & deepest affiliation with targeting peoples.

If you are a celebrity or musician, you can upload your best videos to grow followers of your talent.

For IGTV videos, only interesting or engaging effect enough to attract user’s attention. So no need to use special effects on IGTV videos.

If you are new to IGTV? Then you can get starting support from paid ads. Paid ads work to get a large number of views or comments or likes faster. Paid ads give you instant reasons doesn’t mean that this is only for a new account. If you have old or unpopular? Profile paid ads also beneficial for you. Do you know that numerous brands are using paid ads to beat their competitors? So paid ads essential to beat your socials or search engines opponents.

Google or Amazon will suggest you many online firms that well able to give you targeting users interest in your videos instantly with their comments or likes, views. You can search the most reliable firm on Google or Amazon to buy IGTV comments & if you don’t have knowledge that what benefits of having an enormous number of comments, then I want to say that having a high number of comments the engaging point to draw users attention very surely. Do you know that people want popular or entreating videos first to interact? And comments are the best thing for that.

End of this article I would like to tell you that social is the next world like earth. Over 85% population available on socials so that you can get a fabulous result to your field from socials with well-planned strategies.

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