7 Reasons Why Facebook is Good for your Business

Posted on : 16-Nov-2017


Facebook is growing as crazy from all over the world for both personal and professional purpose. Facebook has been around for over decade and ranks as the largest social media platform in the online market. With around billions of users as of now, the platform has the potential to spread your word across your audience and bring you the attention and a loyal community that you need.

Many articles are explaining a lot about Facebook i.e. how to use it for business promotion, product or brand across the world. But here we are suggesting you few effective ways to improve the canvas of reach in term of quality and quantity.

Here are 7 tips why you should advertise on the most popular social media channel.

1. Largest Social Media Audience

Facebook now boost 1.44 billion of monthly active users, there are 7 billion people in around the world and 47% of those users access through their mobile app.

2. Share Basic Information about your Business

Your Facebook page is that place where you can share information regarding your business, product or services with brief description.

3. Share Pictures and videos of your Product/Services

If you have product/services and want to sell like shoes, food, appeal, furniture, Bluetooth and speaker etc. then you should first take high quality photos of your product and tag relative influencers in your niche. This can be powerful way to communicate with customer and potential customer, allowing them to see your product without having to go your website.

4. Generating Lead and Drive Traffic to your Website

First, you should include link to your website on your Facebook fan page. Social media marketing is a tool to get your target audience back to your website or somehow get their eye on your offers. You can run ads on your Facebook Fanpage for the specific purpose for driving traffic to your website so they can see your content, promotion and offers. You can also create “call to action” button on your Facebook page to drive people to direct pages on your website.

5. Reach Specific Audience

Facebook updates provide an ability to target audience specific individuals who are friends of the business page or potential friends of the page. In Facebook you can boost a page for as little as $1 and has total control over how long an ad run and even pause it to make adjustments. If you see, it’s not converting liking on your posts then you can have a look on some ways you can targeted your audience on Facebook.

  • Age and Gender
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationship status
  • Income
  • Education level
  • Location and many more

6. Grow your Own Facebook Group

You should create your own Facebook group to build association that you can connect and network with on a regular basic. Having your own Facebook group means increase the level of influence and authority of your account. You can also build the group through using the list of your email and drive traffic to your site. If you are not able to create your own Facebook group, then there is another option i.e. you can join existing Facebook groups. Get involved in groups where your target audience hangout and some groups within your industry. First, be sure to views the groups rules of any groups you decide to join.

7. Facebook Live Video

Facebook live video steaming has taken video on new height. By taking advantage of live video streaming, you can connect with your audience and though your product popularity increases steadily. You get to see how many of viewers are watching your video, as well as their names and comments. It breaks down barriers and creates a connection that transcends traditional marketing limitations.

If you are not active with your business pages on Facebook, check out the pages to watch and take a look at your competitors doing. Facebook business page are an important tool for marketing and advertising. Each and every update on the pages matters a lot as a marketing perspective.

Stop wasting this opportunity and start using your business page as serious marketing tool it actually is to grow your business and generate some revenue.

Stay in touch with us will soon post an article on Snapchat Trend.

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